Survivor Resources

Navigating life after stroke or brain injury is scary and lonely. It's hard to know where to turn for help.

After the initial shock of the acute and sub-acute phases, you may wonder where to go next. What kind of help do you need and where can you get it?

Stroke Survivor Resources is here to help. Our programs are designed for the chronic stage of your recovery.

Stroke Survivor Fitness

Guide to Working Out at Home for Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors

Including Work Out Your Words™ activities throughout.

Downloadable ebook format.

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Work Out Your Words

If a stroke or brain injury has left you struggling with speech, Work Out Your Words activities may help.

Whether you do WOYW on your own, in a group, or online, the activities help connect speech and movement and it's fun!

Stroke Survivor Fitness

Exercise is important for everyone, but for a brain injury survivor it is a crucial component of a healthy future. Stroke Survivor Fitness programs accommodate the survivor’s specific physical, neural and emotional challenges.

Stroke Survivor Coach

Peer coaching shows the survivor the possibilities for life after a brain injury. Peer coaches offer support and inspiration. They motivate you to be stronger. They help you identify your options. They share their experiences and show you the way forward.

Work Out Your Words
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Stroke Survivor Fitness
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