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Judy Crane

Trained as a radiology technician at Norfolk Hospital and as an interventional specialist at the University of Virginia, Judy went on to a successful 21-year career in medical sales. In 2005, she suffered a dissected aorta followed by a stroke.

At this time, Judy also became an active advocate for people affected by aphasia. With the support of Speech Therapist Angela Sommers, she founded YACC, the Young Aphasia Communication Club in Annapolis, Maryland.  She was a member of the board, volunteer, and now on staff as a stroke mentor at SCALE, the Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement in Baltimore. She teaches a WOYW class at SCALE.

She is currently a patient advisor for the Stroke Committee and a former member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council at Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) in Annapolis, MD. As a patient advisor, she encouraged and helped the development of the Annapolis Stroke Club and  the Power of 2 Program Peer Program of Stroke Survivors  at AAMC. 

Judy speaks often about her personal story of recovery, and addresses patient-focused issues for healthcare professionals from the perspective of a stroke survivor. Also, she is a passionate advocate for aphasia awareness, speaking to patients and families, community businesses, and health providers.

Judy lives in Millersville, Maryland with her husband Steve, and has two children, Laura and Will. 

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