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WellPeer Develops Fitness Programs and Resources

for Special Populations

WellPeer’s mission is to bring a better and more active daily life to people who may have difficulty accessing mainstream fitness options.

Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy life for everyone, regardless of their underlying condition.

WellPeer’s fitness classes, education programs and online wellness resources help people avoid a medically risky sedentary life. People who are physically inactive often become depressed, and progressively weaker, which invites a worsening of their conditions and more rapid aging and can lead to costly illness.


You are invited to join our Virtual Fitness Classes

Strength and Stretch Muscle strength, core stability, balance and stretching
Tuesday and Thursday 10:00AM EST

Strength and Stretch 2 Muscle strength, core stability, balance and stretching (no floor work)
Tuesday and Thursday 11:00AM EST

Please consider making a donation to help support our on-going virtual and recorded fitness classes.
Please note - your donation is not tax-exempt.
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